Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Editors - Papillion...and the death of Brit-Rock

(From The Offside Rules)
Ugh. That sound you heard after pressing play wasn't a jam . . .It was my heart falling out of my ass. This is almost as much of a musical dick punch as Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bloc Party's latest albums.

Et tu, Editors?

I yell about it all the time...but since maybe the end of '07, British rock has taken a synth laced NOSE DIVE. I know, complaining about too much of an electro/synty vibe from me sounds absolutely ridiculous. I've been know to champion the cause of all sound and noises artificial...but England's rock music was where I went to get AWAY from that sound. Brit-rock (and ironically NYC disco/dance-rack) was the absolute corner stone of my iPod life from '05-mid '08 (when Hip-Hop was an absolute WRECK). It was my shit, son! But now, it looks like it's dead.

From what I understand, the same forces that blew a giant hole in Hip-Hop in the States are the same evils that have killed my #2 "genre": Teenagers and record labels. When Boy Kill Boy split however long ago, I asked them WTF happened via MySpace (reason #1 why I will NEVER leave MySpace. Artist feedback) and one of the boys weaved a tale of record labels telling all their guitar-heavy artists that "the kids" just weren't feeling their shit anymore. Bands like BKB were offered 2 choices: Conform or get dropped. Disturbing.

Ugh...I'm in full-on disjointed rant mode at this point, so I save your eyes the trouble.

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