Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fabolous ft. Jay-Z - When The Money Goes

(Yes...I'm a full day late. Who gives a shit?)

Wow, this is like . . .a proper music video. I didn't know rappers were still allowed to make those anymore. And Jay actually showed up for filming! Double miracles!

As I'm sure you can see, I'm not really much for radio/pop rap these days. It's no that I'm some angy "popular = bad" old-head backpacker or some shit...radio music just isn't that good in 2009. HOWEVER...Fab has (almost) always been one of the few heavy spin rappers that was good enough to keep my attention. His last 2 albums weren't really up to speed, but Loso's Way is a nice surprise as it seems that Fabolous is back to being the emcee that straddled the fine line between potent lyrics and vapid content better than anyone other than maybe Jay-Z himself.

Did I just randomly zone out and type a mini album review?
I think that's what just happened. Odd.

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