Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The MASSIVE "Soooo, What Did I Miss?" Post (Pt.2)

OK . . .
Been a reletively busy day in the non-internet world, but I'm ready to get back to the ridiculous task of catching up with a week's worth of music news. Here's Part 1, BTW

Let's go!

True Hip-Hop Stories: Big Daddy Kane

True Hip-Hop Stories: Big Daddy Kane from D-Nice on Vimeo.

Kane tells the story behind the making of "Ain't No Half-Steppin' ". I'm a geek (and so are you). I love this shit. Where does this song rank All-Time? Top 20? 10?

Wait . . .WTF?


Exile & DJ Day: D-Train

I thought I was the only person under 45 that was still jammin' some D-Train!
These 2 never cease to amaze me. This makes the word "dope" sound small. i need a better adjective. This is the greatest thing I've seen/heard in weeks.

T.I. ft. John Legend - Slide Show

Because "I Ain't Dead" Tip Harris > "You Don't Know Me" T.I.P.

Am I wrong for not really being interested in La Coka Nostra?
Is it the name that's killing me?
I don't know.

There's a new Motown-commissioned MJ/J5 remix album out there. I've listed to about 4-5 jams, none of them are blowing me away, but maybe you'll dig it.

Clipse ft. Pharrell - I'm Good

In a fun bit of coincidence, I heard this while driving home from vacation yesterday.
Where was I at that moment? Just coming off of the Chessapeake bay Bridge & Tunnel. It somehow made me like the song more.
I said to my girl, "This is like watching a lion in his natural habitat". Does that make complete sense? not really. But you got my point, dammit.

A big LOL @ Rolling Stone for naming the dude with the biggest song in the country an "Artist to Watch" for 2009. Way to stay current, boys.

FACT: Black Rob is one of the most slept on rappers of the last decade

ESSO - Don't Stop

ESSO "Dont Stop" [Official Video] Directed by Puma from stupid GENIUS on Vimeo.>

I've already voiced my gripes about the MJ tributes...but supposedly, this album/mixtape was already in production when Mike paseed...so I guess I can rock with it (get it?)

Kooley High - Kooley Is High

Kooley High - Kooley is High (prod. by DeLa) from BECAUSEUS on Vimeo.

Something about this video/song just makes the day better. I definitely approve.

OKAY . . .I'm STILL not caught up, but my head's gonna explode if I absorb any more shit.
Later, peoples.

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