Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The MASSIVE "Soooo, What Did I Miss?" Post (Pt.1)

Haven't been on the internets since last wednesday afternoon. Let's see if anyone has done anything remotely interesting since then . . .

Since I'm extra lazy, this probably all gonna happen in a weird reverse chronological order with stuff from earlier today up top, heading down to stuff from the end of last week. I'd apologize, but I just ate my first fast food burger in months and I've got "the boak" as the Scottish would say. Sue me.

For added surprise / unintentional comedy / "dag, son, you mad late" quality...I'll be writing all this in "real time" as I actually see it all for myself the first time. Let's light this candle.

Slaughterhouse / Joe Budden:
If you didn't already steal it (I know, I know), I believe the actual release date for Slaughterhouse's self-titled debut album is today. I'm a bit of a nerd about these things so A) I haven't listened to the album fully yet and B) I'm almost nervous to do so, because as a Hip-Hop fan ( in 2009, perhaps that should read "apologist", "sympathizer" or "historian") I'm desperate for this album to be RIGHT. I don't see how it couldn't be...but you know. Crazier shit has happened.

Also, Joe Budden has released probably he least publicized mixtape of his career today, Escape Route. I'm guessing it just got swallowed up by the Slaughterhouse love-fest. Side note: This mixtape is where the craaaazy Budden verse and that song "We Outta Here" finally appears. head over to Amalgam Digital for more details.

This was pretty good. The latest version of "I Know Rap People" feat. Slaughterhouse:

Wait . . .what the efph?! This Slaughterhouse vs. Wu-Tang shit is going on AGAIN?!
There is NOTHING cornier than a bunch of over-30's playing cowboy in public and over the internet. THIS shit is whack and borderline coonish. Let's move on.

Amber Rose still creeps me the fuck out.

Drake is still doing things that confound me.

Twitter is still moronic.

50 Cent's penchant for using of the word "content" to describe his music should give people a prety clear view on his motivations. But of course, fans are young/slow/blissfully ignorant and never pay attentions to anything artists are actually saying any so . . .whatevs, man.

Fabolous on Chelsea Lately

There's something genuinely bizzare and hillarious about Chelsea Handler interviewing rappers. It never disappoints. And on another note, when White people talk to/about Fab and pronounce his name "properly" . . .an angel gets its wings. And who knew Fabolous had a sense of humor?!

The Return of Felt
Murs and Slug (from Atmosphere) are about to drop the third in their series of collab mixtapes. Each edition is helmed by a specific producer and is dedicated to a special woman (Pt.1 - Christina Ricci. Pt. 2 - Lisa Bonet). No word yet on the producer or muse for round 3.

J.Y. - Bring It Back

Kinda fresh.

You know what . . .rather than do this all at once, I'm gonna chop all is up in pieces throughout the rest of the day/evening. Check back later.

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