Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Juan Pablo Angel Says Stuff

(Image via NY Post...I think)

Forgive me, this is almost a direct copy/paste job from something I just dropped on the MetroFanatic boards, but I find it interesting anyway.

Had a read of this JPA interview with Big Apple Soccer, in particular, this quote:
"There's a lot of things on the table that are going to make this a very interesting and important year for us," Angel said. "At the end of the day, we are going to get judged by results, like anything. But i'm pretty excited because finally we are seeing that we started to put a project together. Regardless what happened in the year, hopefully we have a good one, when you have a project you're looking forward to things will eventually will happen. I'm positive that things will change here very, very soon."
Anyone else notice that Angel tends to speak about "big picture" elements of the team more than the average athlete? Almost like a part owner.  That's not "star player with 2yrs left" talk, that's "I've got long term financial interest in this franchise" talk.  Very interesting.

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