Wednesday, January 27, 2010

UPDATE / RANT: The Fake Justice Jam

No, it still isn't really Justice...
But let this serve as a lesson on how ridiculous the internet, music fans and people in general really are.

FACT:  This song is 6 kinds of dope.
FACT #2:  Had this actually been a Justice song, it would absolutely be the world's favorite song within the next 24hrs.

Now that we know it's a "fake", suddenly no one likes it.  WORD??
Has music gotten to be like clothing, where something is only as good as the name brand attached to it?*  Good grief.  Any Justice fan claiming they don't/won't/wouldn't bang the hell out of this is lying to themselves.

Alternate theory:  Music snobs are so embarrassed that A) One of their favorite artists is so easily duplicated, and B)  Their "expertise" wasn't enough for them to sniff out the deception, that they have no choice but to slam/ignore an obviously good song.  Sad. 


* And yes, the inverse occurs where we trick ourselves into liking whack shit based on the name brand (see: Jay-Z's last 3 albums)

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