Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Thoughts #1: Katy Perry Is a 6.5

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It's time for a new "segment" here in the Land of Faux.
Random Thoughts will be my place to share my brief, yet tremendously insightful...insight...on the world around us.  Maybe some day a Random Though can save your life.  They're gonna be that important.

Random Thought #1:  Katy Perry is a 6.5

Men (and any lovely ladies of variant persuasions), it's time we all come clean and admit something.  Katy Perry really ain't that damn fine.  She's a sober 6.5 and a drunk 8.  By NO means unappealing and certainly beyond the average woman, but her sex symbol status kinda nuts, isn't it?
After doing the necessary scientific research, I've come to two logical conclusions for the "OMGz KAyTee PeRRy iz soooo HAWT!!!11!!" line of thought:

Men dig Katy Perry for 2 reasons:  1.  Because they think (or know) that they could very likely bag a chick of her standard on a good weekend.  It's makes us feel better when a "getable" chick is a celeb, so we subconsciously boost KP's sexy rep for our own benefit.  2.  KP isn't conventional hot.  Geeks, snobs, hipsters, and general "outside the box" types pride themselves on fawning over "irregular" beauty as opposed to the obvious Beyonce types that every man alive has no choice but to find hot.

Chicks diggin' Katy Perry (and let's be honest...ALL women check out other women just likes dudes do) is an offshoot of the #1 reason for men.  Katy Perry isn't a "threat" to the attractive women in our lives.  Yeah, she's cute, fun to look at and whatnot...but if your girl is on point, and Katy Perry comes around in person, she'll be like "Pffff...that bitch is regular as hell" and she has enough confidence in her own "skillz" to know that you ain't goin' anywhere.  Non-famous hot girls like feeling/knowing that they're finer than a celeb, so they, too, boost the"KP is hot" agenda.

In Summary:  Regardless of reason, after research, it seems clear that the sole reason that Ms. Katy Perry is regarded as a sex symbol is simply because of our own insecurities in this celeb-obsessed culture.

Thank you for you time.
Thus concludes the first edition...of Random Thoughts.

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