Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Philly Union: Now With Added Whackness

 "Hast thou met my sons?!  They are the fucking worst!"

Hooooooooooooly shit, you people are terrible!!!
You fools are SERIOUSLY calling yourselves "The U" now?

You wonder why every team on the East Coast mocks you.  It's absolutely shocking how unoriginal you are.  Honestly...you're an insult to the "proud" belligerent history of dickhead, knuckle-dragging Philly sports fans.  I understand it's year 1, but JEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS.

October 16 is coming.
Your one chance this year to see how its really done.  When 250 of us shout down your whole house for 90+ min, don't take it as a defeat, take it as a grown man teaching a young boy a lesson.  Just make sure you say "thank you" before we leave.

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