Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Joe Budden: Halfway House

I'm slippin', people. I meant to pass this your way DAYS ago.'s been a looooong week and a half.

Let me give you a tip . . .
If you ever find yourself in a conversation, and the question "Who's the nicest emcee out that doesn't get enough publicity?"...there are only 2 acceptable answers: Joell Ortiz, and Joe Budden.

Only Xenu knows when we'll ever get a proper album release from Joe Budden, but while we wait, he's been blessing us with mixtapes that put everyone else's albums to shame. If you're not up on the Mood Muzik (pts. 1-3) have work to do.

Fresh out this week is another classic from the best Jersey has ever seen. Halfway House, a 14-track collection of pure, lyric-driven hip-hop that will have your rewind button filing for a restraining order against you.

Download HERE.

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