Monday, June 1, 2009

Sa-Ra Creative Partners - Bitch Baby

Can't think of a better way to start the week than with a new Sa-Ra jam and album news.
First, go ahead and jam.

Welcome back.

Didn't know it was coming so "soon", but SRCP's new album, Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love will be in my greedy hands on June 23rd. in, I plan to buy a physical disc if possible. This is one of those albums when I need the quality to be perfect.

Anyway, it's a huge, 23-track double disc wih a bunch of features from folks you've never heard of, but will presumably Google and download music from by this time next month. Good times!! Needless to say, I'm off-the-charts excited for this album. Sa-Ra is on my "Why The Hell Aren't People Up On This Shit" monument right next to The Carps and J*Davey.

Efph it, while we're here...
let's breathe a little more life to the Sa-Ra produced jam that SHOULD HAVE BEEN a monster, but everyone decided to front on Fonzworth. I dare you to tell me this ain't the jam:

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