Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Foreign Exchange: Leave It All Behind

"Blazer & Cognac" music of the highest order.
Leave It All Behind is the second album from The Foreign Exchange, a collaboration between Phonte of Little Brother (more of a singer in this incarnation) and Dutch producer, Nicolay.

Highest stamp of approval on this one. This is good, chilled out music. Good job by them for picking a fall release date. The sounds go with the season. It's a nice R&B/down tempo electronic vibe. Think 2AM in a blue-lit lounge.

While you're banging around, be sure to check out their first album, Connected.

[Ah...that reminds me of another hidden gem (I originally had a massive brain fart and spelled "gem" with a "J", and then proceeded to laugh about it for 5min...I must have been thinking about her. HA!) that I need to hip you to: Owusu & Hannibal, a Danish R&B/electro duo. Their album, Living With Owusu & Hannibal came out in 2006, but it's incredible. Actually, now that I think about it, it was Phonte that told me about O&H in response to something I asked him on Myspace. That's why I love Myspace, it's like heaven for fans of lesser-known artists, because if you're clever enough, you can actually correspond with the people jamming in your iPod.]

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