Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MySpace Showcase: Pet Lions

Good people of Earth, there is hope!

Just when I had resigned myself to the idea that this kind of guitar-heavy, catchy "indie" pop/rock was taken to a back alley and murdered by record labels and fickle (tasteless) teenagers . . .here comes unsigned Chicago band Pet Lions.

These are EXACTLY the kind of jams that have been missing from my "Recently Added" list for the past 2 years. Bring it back, dammit! Who let it die! I will find them and eat their Christmas trees!

The people want songs about social awkwardness, unattainable women, party memories, and drives to various locations . . .all over the sound of guitars that sound like they juuuust might be made of tin and drums they stay slightly off-beat.

I salute you, Pet Lions! Fight the good fight!

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