Friday, December 5, 2008

Triumph @ Comic-Con

OK . . .I've recovered from that last post . . .

This video was the real reason I was looking for Triumph stuff in the first place. It's old as all whatnots, but I saw it again on that Conan re-run I was talking about earlier . . .and I literally fell out of my bed laughing. The whole shit is funny . . .but the part when he gets to the Wolverine dude (2:35) is magnificent. A work of art.

Warning to anyone hanging out with me this weekend: I WILL be getting drunk and screaming "I'M WOLVERIIIIIINE!!!" at strangers. Given my present appearance (Mr. T and David Ortiz's love-child who's genes were spliced with a homogenization of Dwayne Wade and Gary Coleman, and was then bitten by a vampire skater version of Kanye West from an alternate universe) it should be fun times! Just giving you a heads up.

And while we're here...
People of the world, I'm begging you...SOMEONE please start a band and call it The Incredible Hulk's Wank Fist. I promise to be your BFF.

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