Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Universal Mind Control: The Reaction

Common, you done done it.

Thanks to you, sir, conscious brothas now have an album that they can dance to. That's right, Brotha Rasheed! Now you too can rub on some booty guilt-free like the rest of us. I know you don't rock the Hennessey and Timbs, but this album works with capri pants, Africa medallions and Noni juice, too.

Maaaaaan, there are gonna be some angry folks on the internet today! "Common sold out" will echo through the message boards for days on end. The "I don't eat pork" crowd will revolt! "Common is making club music?! Somebody get the 'Honorable Minister' on the phone!" Remember how bad it got when Electric Circus came out?!

I can't wait. I will personally be floating on my cyber surfboard stirring up the rabble and tossing digital bean pies. Common wants to rock the club this time? Let him. Shit. He's earned it.

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