Friday, November 13, 2009

Old Dude Thuggin' & The Brilliance of Curtis Jackson

::Standing ovation for Curtis Jackson::
(no sarcasm whatsoever)

I haven't been a fan of 50 Cent the rapper for years, but Curtis Jackson, the evil mastermind is one of my favorite people in entertainment.  He's a friggin' genius.  I've always respected his slavish devotion to Machiavellian principles.

I'm sure you're all aware of this whole Beans vs. Jay bullshit.  I haven't bothered to blabber about it here, because it's insanely pointless.  1) Why the hell is Beans still thuggin', he's like 40.  Grow up.  2) Jay handed that man the world on a platinum platter and he pissed it away in the name of street cred.

ANYWAY . . .who comes swooping in to "save" Beans, throw rocks at the throne, and finds a way to make personal gain from a feud that has NOTHING to do with him?  50 Fuckin' Cent!

::another round of applause::

In 6 weeks time, 50 is gonna turn this whole mess into the biggest shit on the web, sign Beans, cash in on his 15min of heat, and turn it all into sales for his OWN album.  BRILLIANT.  If people are dumb enough to walk around with puppet strings hanging off their back, I say there's nothing wrong with usin' them shits.  WELL PLAYED, SIR!

As for the song itself...this beat is an absolute demon!  I need every East Coast emcee worth a damn to drop whatever they're doing and get on this shit IMMEDIATELY.  That shit makes me feel like I might be able to spit a hot 16, son!

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