Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MLS Insider

(You thought the "Soccer Shirts" bit was for shits and giggles?)

Awww, shit!  Somebody at MLS done left the gate open and let Shawn Francis in!
When the new league theme is by The XX, you'll know who to thank / blame (HA!)

A league notorious for info lock-down and strange obliviousness to what's entertaining and interesting has FINALLY wised up and joined the 21st century.  Much like the angst of being an indie/underground music fan, the soccer supporter is in a constant search for relevance and...mainstreamitude (I don't know)...and this new blog will go a loooong way in getting us there.

So get up on it.
Or up in it.
Whatever your prepositional preference may be.
I'm not here to judge.

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