Monday, November 30, 2009

NOT NEW, BUT NEW TO ME: The Hickey Underworld - Blonde Fire (Super NSFW)

[vid is def not for the weak]

Speaking of The Carps, I just went over to their blog so see if there was any activity (of course, there wasn't),  but they did share this jam from Belgian band, The Hickey Underworld.

Say what you will about the video (to this day, I'm still conflicted about the value of visual presentation when it comes to music, but that's for another day and convo) but the song itself is tremendous.  After a quick run through of their posted jams on The Space, I might have to go get this album.

More after the jump . . .

"Mystery Bruise"

"Future Words"

"Zero Hour"

Yeah, I officially efphs with The Hickey Underworld.

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