Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let's All Laugh At The Bravery...Again

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If you are anything like me (and face it, you are) then you are fascinated by the ridicu-sadness that is The Bravery.  With all due respect to Owl City, The Bravery are the true O.G. Kings of "indie" steez theft.  They've managed to hop on every major "scene" change the cool kids have been into in the last half of the decade...and they've carved out a nice career doing it.  Amazing.

Problem is, they always seem to be 3 months too late, so nothing they do ever has a big impact.  Look at this it not the epitome of Aug/Sept '09?  It's as if by the time The Bravery inhales "sub-culture", decides whats hot, digests it, and pukes it back up...everyone has already moved on.  Honestly, som small part of me expected some kind of low-fi, "I recorded this next to my toilet" sounding electro new-wavvy thing.

On the brightside, they have given me countless hours minutes of entertainment.  The anticipation of hearing a new Bravery jam is like nothing else.  "Whay are they gonna jack this time?!".  Their music is like a prize in the worst box of cereal ever.

I love you, The Bravery.
You are the most fantastic kind of terrible.

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