Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FLASHBACK: We Are Scientists - Worth The Wait

Ahhh, We Are Scientists.  I miss these dudes.  Unbeknownst  to them, they wrote and recorded the album that will forever serve as the musical score of my mid-20's.  Word-for-word, and song-for-song, With Love And Squalor could have been written by someone who followed me around like Jane Goodall from 2005-07.

W-A-S was (see what I did there?) always especially interesting because their personas and on-stage banter has always been HEAVILY based on bizarre comedy (which some found bothersome)...but they haven't recorded a single overtly "happy" song.  That...and the fact that JUST as Brooklyn was going from "BROOKLYN" to "Brooklyn", and every indie band alive was claiming residence... these two pissed of to England and became radio stars.  Amazing, really.

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