Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Joell Ortiz - I Go Off "Freestyle"

I knew this was gonna happen:
As for the song itself...this beat is an absolute demon!  I need every East Coast emcee worth a damn to drop whatever they're doing and get on this shit IMMEDIATELY.  That shit makes me feel like I might be able to spit a hot 16, son!
Let the parade continue.  I need ERR'BODY to drop something.  I want somebody to do like them dancehall dudes and drop a mixtape with like 15 artists "pon de same riddim".

And for real...address Joell as Mr. November from this point on.
Have some...and run that shit back when you're done.
Nasty.  Just nasty.
On second thought...this beat just got bodied...don't even bother.

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