Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Are The "Best of 2009" Posts Even Worthwhile This Year??

After reading this gem of a bloggery from the author that serves as both the Woodward AND Bernstein of my generation, I've come to a sad and stunning realization: A "Best of 2009" post (a.k.a. The Jammie Awards in these parts) isn't even worth doing this year. Music was EXTRA whack! Pick a genre, pick a scene, pick a movement, they were all generally dry as hell. Don't believe me? Take a quick stroll through the Most Played songs on your iTunes. How much of it is from 2009?

I'll wait.


It all shit.  Everything you bought/downloaded in 2009 was something that you were madly in love with for about a month, then stopped listening to and eventually forgot you owned, leading to the inevitable "Ohhh YEAH, I forgot I had this!" moment when one of the tracks come up in shuffle.  How sad.

Even worse, it reminds me how much fun I had sitting at this same desk and haphazardly throwing together my big post for the 2008 Jammie Awards last December.  After sitting here, and scrolling throuh my own music stash, and looking through the blog archives for the last 10+ months...I honestly can't come up with enough albums or songs in 2009 that made a REALLY lasting impression on me.  Music that I know I'll still be listening to in 5yrs.  It just didn't happen.

To take it even further, I can only think of ONE album this year that's even worthy of "Best of.." praise: Miike Snow.  That's it.  That's the list.  A one-album competition for Album of the Year.  How sad.

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