Friday, November 6, 2009

The End of Bloc Party? Kele Going Solo?

Rumors have been bubbling for months that the boys of Bloc Party have been (at the very least) considering a split.  For good?  Temporary?  Who knows.

Kele was quoted in the summer on Aussie radio, saying:
“It’s weird, we’re out of contract now so... we might take a year off, we might take three years off.... you know we might never make a record again or we might head straight back in and do a record," he said.  "We’ll see how we feel come the end of this touring cycle."
Then came this from drummer, Matt Tong:
"We definitely need to have a break and gain a bit of perspective on life outside of the band. Hopefully if we do reconvene at some point in the future we'll be refreshed and have so many ideas to bring to what it is we do.

"I definitely don't think this will be the last you'll hear of the people who make up Bloc Party. Kele is an insatiable workaholic and creating is something he is so connected to so you'll definitely hear from him again along with Russell and Gordon also.

"As for me I don't know, I wouldn't mind trying something else for a while."

Now, it seems we have confirmation that Kele will, in fact, be the first member to branch out.  Info coming from producer Hudson Mohawk (via BBC1) that:
Im kinda… it hasn’t been finalized yet, but I’m also kinda doing a little bit of stuff for Kele from Bloc Party’s solo album as well. He’s doing a record with one of the guy’s from Spank Rock, so possibly gonna be doing some stuff for that.
If you aren't familiar with Spank Rock, head this way.   YEAH...not a very likely combination, is it?  However, this DOES answer the "Who was it in Bloc Party that was turning it into an electro band" questions.  Although, this song with Tiesto may have already answered that definitively.

Fingers crossed, I guess.

UPDATE:  Since we're already here, lets head below the jump and jam some of what I think are some of the Bloc's most underrated jams.  Off-album jams, pre-Silent Alarm jams, that kinda thing . . .


"The Once & Future King"

"Selfish Son"

"The Marshalls Are Dead"


"The Answer"

"Staying Fat"

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