Thursday, April 29, 2010

Game ft. Justin Timberlake & Pharrell - Ain't No Doubt About It

[WARNING:  This is a ridiculously rambling post as it triggers too many issues in my Realm of Nerd.  Buckle up.]

Ok...ok...ok...I'll share it.
I've been having an internal debate about posting this for 2+ days now.  Let me be blatant:  Game is hands down my least favorite artist in Hip-Hop.  He's not even worth the full rant on why, anymore.  The fact that Pharrell is executive producing this dude's upcoming album makes me feel ill.

HOWEVER:  I am the biggest Neptune sound fan on this or any other planet, and damn if this beat don't remind me of that good ol' fashioned Pharell & Chad magic.  Then there's the fact that I never expected the Neptune(s) to work with Timberlake again*, so this is too good for me to ignore.

* Remember The Neptunes has issues with Jive because of the way the Clipse were being handled, so despite the ridiculous chemistry they had with JT (front allllllll you want, Justified is a monster), they stopped working with him.

Sub-ramble:  I'm still pissed that this song was never finished.
Sub sub-ramble:  That music was used for the UK version of this absolute piece of gold (4:50 mark)
Sub Sub-sub-ramble:  If you don't own the UK version of In Search are doing yourself NO favors.

Yeah...I don't like Game.

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