Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The New York/Philly Thing . . .

FOR THE RECORD:  These vids were taken at the SAME POINT in the game, with both teams rockin' the same jam at the start of the match:


Seasoned Vets:

(Props to Calpico for spotting the vids)

I guess I'd be remiss (fancy phrase, right?) if I didn't chuck my 2 pennies in on the first meeting of these two titans of global football (shut up and roll with it).

I can sum it up pretty quickly:  Philly just isn't ready yet.

(Wo)Man-for-(wo)man, Philly is...respectable...in terms of support.  They genuinely love their team.  More importantly, they damn sure represent the patch of soil that team plays for.
BUT...as a group.  Nah.  Not even close to being ready for the "I-95 Derbies" or whatever the fuck we're calling the DC-Philly-NY Triangle of Death.  By MLS standards, DC and NY fanbases aren't to be taken lightly, and literally being thrown right into the middle of that hell storm is doing the Sons of Ben no favors.  Their total numbers are fairly impressive, but their songs, creativity, and above all else, EFFORT, was actually pretty disappointing.  I expected/hoped for better.

Philly/SoBs...what you guys do is really...adorable...but you're not ready for prime time yet.  You're new, so you have time.  But it's gonna be a while before your fans are even close to being mentioned with the same hatred as DC...or even Toronto.  Sorry.

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