Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's Play The Feuuuuuud!! (RBNY - PU Edition)

Have a look at this action, right here:

Sat., Apr 24, 4PM - Philadelphia @ New York:  League match. 
First ever (proper*) meeting between the two team and fanbases.  What are we gonna call this thing anyway?  The Turnpike Tumolt?  The Battle for the Soul of South Jersey (as if they had them)?

and then...

Tues., Apr 27, 8PM - Philadelphia @ New York:  US Open Cup
That's right, Philly!  It's bargain shoppin' time at Red Bull Arena!  2-for-1 ass kickins in 76hrs, and you only have to drive 2hrs.  Recession pricing to keep things economical.

* Let's not forget how those Philly fools got worked at the Draft

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