Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New N.E.R.D. (Live)

"Hot & Fun"

Few words pique my interest like "new N.E.R.D.".  Its right up there with "free rum".
I'm gonna hold out full opinion on this jammie until I hear a more proper version.  It sounds a little hollow, but like it might work under the right circumstances (87 degrees and half sober).  We shall see.

"Party People"

N.E.R.D from Erin Ashley on Vimeo.

Can't tell what I'm supposed to make of this one either...but it does sound a hell of alot like the other one doesn't it??  Yup...and just that quickly, I am afraid of this next album.  Have they shifted into full-time frat boy music??  GAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

But...truth be told, I didn't like "Everyone Nose" when I first heard it, and if you know me offline, you know that's like superhero theme music to me at this point.

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