Monday, April 5, 2010

MLS 2010: Two Weeks In

Lets all get together and laugh at crazy ol' Uncle Faux for forgetting to do a predictions post for Saturday's games . . .whoops.  See, kids, this is why I don't have a press pass (yeah...that's why).  Needless to say, the predictions I would have made were 100% accurate, so perhaps it wasn't even necessary.

But I digress . . .sometimes it's hard to remember one's blogsponsibilities (yeah!) when he's looking down on the MLS commoners from waaaaaay at the top of the table.  The air is thin up here.  It's effects the memeory center of the brain.  For real.  Look it up.

Anyway...HOLY SHIT, New York is 2-0!!!
And not a cheap 2-0 either like we beat San Jose and Dallas back-to-back.  This is quality shit.  Consecutive shut outs at home v. Chicago and @ Seattle.  I couldn't be more impressed.  It's seems like that sale of my soul I made to that "devil" fellow wasn't just nonsense afterall.

DC...I knew you were on a kerosene-soaked train ride to Hell this year.  I just didn't know you were taking the express line.  Damn.

Toronto made a wise choice by not playing this week.  It seems that Preki is one gov't subsidized valium away from a bloody rampage.  I do admit, I'm pretty excited for the complete crapfest of DC @ PU on Sat...assuming I'm sober enough after the NY @ chivas game to even have a clue what's going on there.

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