Monday, November 2, 2009

Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind

Ahhh, dammit!
I hate when big stuff drops after I shut it down for the weekend.  C'mon, Hov!!  I'm supposed to do this shit 7 days a week??  SHIT!  I'm not getting paid, sir.

Side note: You folks from out of town have NO IDEA how big this song is here.  Trust, whatever you're thinking "Oh, Jay-Z song about NYC, must be huge".  Nooo, son.  Hip-Hop stations, pop stations, dance stations, R&B stations....EVERYONE is playing this shit twice an hour.  It's amazing.  I can't remember the last song to have this kind of media saturation.  Not even "Best I Ever Had", and that was downright silly.

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