Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DMCA Claim Deez Nuts, Muh'fukkah

Shout out to all the smaller bands, "local" emcees, and starving artists who are SMART enough to appreciate the value of FREE and FAVORABLE internet publicity in 2010.

This shit should really be common sense right now.
The artists I jam around here ain't exactly platinum sellers, yet some have the balls to get pissed when this (or any other blog) share their shit?  Are y'all retarded??  REALLY?!  How many radio spins you projecting to get this week?  How's your MTV rotation looking?  Not so hot?

Where the hell do you think ALL your buzz, and future earning potential comes from, stupid?
Tiny, insignificant blogs like this one.
We spark the machine.  The machine feeds the masses.
Its simple.

It's one thing if I was a full on "snark blog" and posted a link to your shit with the express purpose of telling people how terrible it is.  That's not how I do things here.  If I post your shit, it's because I like it.  Real easy stuff, here.  Maybe you fools should read what you're having deleted before you get your Urban Outfitters panties in a twist.

Middle fingers.

Anyway, I will continue to do what I love doing the most in my free time:  Directing friends and random strangers to good music, and shining a little light on artists that don't otherwise get the glow they deserve.

Shout out to the artists, labels, promoters, publicists and internet street teams smart enough to understand the NEW game and send music to small bloggers like me.  I guess there's a real reason why the music industry is in the fuckin' toilet:  no common sense.

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dunny said...

Well said man.... Someday they'll figure it out.

Then again, maybe not.