Thursday, February 11, 2010

WTF Is a Maldini Anyway?

Big goofy rumors make my breakfast taste better.

The international press (Marca, ESPN, Sky) is throwing around noise that ol' Raul is closing in on a deal to come to New York Jersey this summer.

Do I believe it?
ANYTHING is possible if crazy Uncle Dietrich is feeling generous.  Technically (rules/logic be damned) NY is probably far and away the "richest" club on this side of the planet.  But on the super real...Raul (like Henry) is under contract through the 2011 season, and the transfer fee for one of the greatest players in the history of the world's most popular club ain't gonna be small, and what has my beloved team ever done to even hint that such a financial undertaking is a wise investment?  Nothing.

Do I want it?
Absolutely.  To me, of the 3 big names NY has been linked to for 2010 (Henry, Maldini), Raul is certainly the best option when considering both on and off-field interests.  Really, I hate Henry with a passion, and I couldn't care less about watching Maldini play every week.  Give me Raul.

Best-case, magic, never-gonna-happen scenario?
"The Mothership" (Austria) decides that it's willing to splurge on a transfer fee for ONE big name this summer.  We sign Raul as the 2nd DP for 2010.  Angel agrees to a pay cut in 2011 and takes a dollar less than DP money, freeing up a slot.  We sign Henry on a free after his contract is up with Barca next summer as DP #2.  Sounds easy, right?  Of course!

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