Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Virgin Racing Launch VR-01 semi-obscure, "that's only for Europeans" sports obsessions are not only limited to soccer, my friends.  I am a bit of a Formula 1 nerd as well.

It's launch season, the time when F1 teams old and new make a big production out of showcasing their cars for 2010.  Quadzillionaire lunatic, Richard Branson's new team, Virgin Racing, took to the internet for their launch today, and I must say that's it one of the most beautiful car's I've ever seen.

I'm very curious to see what ol' Moneybags can produce in F1.  I'm even more hopeful that some sort of "I can out-crazy you" rivalry develops between Branson and Red Bull's Dieter Mateschitz.  Good times.

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