Friday, February 12, 2010

Landon Donovan: Ank-ank-ank-ankle Breaker!!!

 (Image via The Guardian)
Ever have one of those moments when you REALLY want to make fun of someone, but the crippling fear of karma keeps your mouth shut?  That's where I'm at on this one.

Safe to say, I'm no Ashley Cole fan...and the World Cup draw has eliminated any good will I have for the English.  But I know the moment I make a joke about Toffee Cakes smashing Cole's ankle...Tim Howard's gonna get hit by a bus and it'll be my fault.

So, no.
I won't make any jokes.

And I won't wonder if Mr. Cole had any issues getting cell-phone service to call an ambulance.
Not me.  Won't do it.  And I won't even make any overtly sexual references to his beard "wife".  And I won't say that I literally ROFL'd at the new inevitability of Wayne Bridge joining the English national team's starting back line.

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Brian said...

I just find it a little amusing that Donovan "broke his ankles" then literally "broke his ankle" later on in the game.

I'd rather none of our players get hit by a bus either, so I'm gonna hold off on the jokes too. I'm just glad it's finally not one of our players getting hurt.