Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Generic Young Rap

Neako - Three Fingers To The Sun from NEAKO BAILEY on Vimeo.

And why are they all doing that Lil' Wayne/Drake (same writer) thing where they finish off a metaphor with a pause (instead of "like" or "like a") then the punchline.


And if MC Young Dude wants to sound "different", he'll go sample Phoenix, so he can play the "you ain't up on that" card and lord himself over anyone who doesn't recognize it, or because he knows the indie/backpack/hipster jackasses like me run to this shit like catnip.

And here I am...perpetuating the whole damn thing.  Gah.

And the whispering/deep breathing at the start of the song?  Cut that shit out!
I don't care about your Gucci belt or whatever the fuck.  I don't care if you have De la Soul on wax.  I don't care what "streetwear" clothing label sponsored your mixtape.  I don't care!  None of that shit covers the fact that the music is as predictable as a calendar.

Hip-Hop has hit a similar point that rock did in the 90's, where everyone's primary focus was on being different, yet there were 50 bands with the exact same definition and execution of this different-ness.  Avoiding clichés by becoming a different cliché.

I'm ranting...

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