Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Are Scientists - Rules Don't Stop

We Are Scientists - Rules Don't Stop by PIAS/Integral

WAS's first album, With Love And Squalor, from 2006 will forever be the score to the film that was my mid-20's.  They had an almost creepy knack for writing songs that mirror exact situations I was dealing with, both good and bad.  Very strange.  Almost Truman Show-like.

2nd album...meeeeh.
They tried too hard to get BBC Radio 1 spins and it showed.

Now, we get the first single from album #3.  The writing has resumed the situational creepification of the first album, but the music is as lame and poppy as album #2.  I am The Torn.

HOWEVER...I will hold fast to the "first singles tend to be shit" rule, and hope for better things.

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