Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Thoughts #4: Gym Jams


After forgetting I owned the album some deep soul searching, I finally figured out where Til The Casket Drops falls in my rotation:  Gym Jams
Despite my overt Neptunes fan-boy status, and affinity for the Clipse in the past...I just couldn't latch on to this latest album.  It wasn't that I (completely) disliked what I heard...its just that by now, it all sounded repetitive.  Like I heard all this shit before.  And a sure fire way to get me to ignore your jams is to put Cam'Ron on a single.

Anyway...I finally put this on my iPhone last night, and let it breathe in the gym.

I have a personal theory that says when you live in or are from a neighborhood that contains a dope boy or two...and you're not one of them...you look like an asshole rockin' drug rap in your car.  But in the gym?  Shiiiiiit.  Clipse was bangin'!  Don't believe me?  Press play on "Door Man" right before your next heavy set.  You can lift a pregnant gorilla.

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