Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 MLS Schedule Is Lookin' Riiiiight!

The gods of MLS scheduling have smiled upon New York Jersey on this day!

All 4 potential road trip games are on Saturdays:
5/1 - @DC
5/29 - @NE
8/21 - @TFC (first ever Saturday road game vs. Toronto)
10/16 - @PHI

A shame we have to wait so long to go to Philly, but it's better to wait and make sure their stadium is finished.  I really didn't want our first game with them to be at The Linc.
There really are some tremendous opportunities to do a 5 Families tour this season.  Above all else, I'm excited for the chance to finally get up to Toronto.  Can't tell you how much I hate their fans.  I'm convinced that the league has been deliberately avoiding a game @TFC that NY fans could travel to.

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