Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don Garber: American Gangsta

UPDATE:  Props to Brent for the pic.  Icing on an already huge comedy cake of a situation.

DJ!!  Kick The Don's theme music.
"I'm way to important to be talking about extorting
Asking me for a portion is like asking for a coffin
Broad daylight I'll off your on switch
You’re not to bright, goodnight long kiss" - Jay-Z

Ohhhh, I see what you did there, Donny.
I like your style.

The "enemy" is wounded...deliver the death blow before they can recover, but at the same time offer a hand to help them up (for public perception) when you already know it's too late.  Bravo, sir.  Pardon my parlance...but that's some gangsta shit.

In short, the US Soccer Board of Directors' Professional League Task Force (of which The Don is Chairman) has given the gentle kill shot to BOTH the USL and the new NASL.  "Conflict of interest"?  Nonsense.

In the words of my Pops:  Don, "You's a bad muh'fukkah"
Respect his gangsta.
AND I heard that back in '98, he spit a hot 16 on a Primo beat at D&D Studios*

* None of the soccer fans are gonna get that joke, but it's hysterical to me

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