Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finnally a 'Bloggable' Take On T. Woody

(Get it?!  HAAAAA!!!)

As the Regional Vice President for the National Society for Minding My Own Fucking Business, and it's sister group, The American Association of Star-Worship Is For Children and the Idiotic, the whole Tiger Woods things what a big "whatevs, man" for me . . .BUT people's reaction plays right into my obsession with pop culture and constant desire to have everyone on the planet figured out . . .SO, the aftermath has been very insightful, and pretty entertaining.

What's VERY entertaining (and intentionally unintentional in its insight) is Hipster Runoff's take on the whole sitch.  NOTE:  If you're not familiar with Carles' stuff, you have to read it understanding it's done from the point of view from a sort of composite "character" of youth/ignorance/cool.*

* I hate that last paragraph...but I have no idea how to fix it.  There's reason why I bang out all these words on a Blogspot account and not someplace legit.

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