Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lil' Wayne ft. Eminem - Drop The World

(BIG round of applause for whoever chose that pic of Wayne in front of the "Marshall" amps.  I see what you did there, sir, and I approve.)

Ehhhh, this wasn't the "Renegade"-level, bodybag worth, "Eminem murdered you on your own shit" destruction that I was hoping for...but you know who came out on top of this one.
The song itself is backed by that pseudo-rock quasi-electro pop shit that's dominating radio right now.  In 20 min, we won't care about this song anymore.  Have some if you want it.

Side note:  Am I the only one who laughs every time he hears Wayne say "muddah-fukkah"?  Cracks me up.

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