Thursday, March 18, 2010

Because the League DOES Have Other Teams . . .


It's not often that I give props to another team (because really, I have some level of dislike for all of you), but I have to applaud the Columbus Crew for coming out of their winter hibernation and nearly knocking off Toluca.  The Champions Leage just isn't in MLS' favor, but Columbus was more than impressive over those 2 legs.  I was gonna pick them to do quite well this year anyway (more on that later...assuming the season starts next week...yeah...), but to see the form they're already in is pretty frightening.

And in other events, DC and Toronto went at it last night in the Carolina Challenge Cup...
Unfortunately, the stadium didn't collapse with both teams inside it.
A real pre-season tragedy.

(Sorry, all the positive vibes were making me feel ill)

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