Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tooooday is the I've ever known . . .

[DJ!  A little background music, if you please!]

I'm here, home in Jersey.
The sun is on full shine mode.  It's already 64 degrees, and going up to 72 (that's crazy for mid/late March)

Today, we, the proud men and women of the South Ward (you will be familiar with that name VERY soon) will open the most glorious building on this continent.
Today, the league and union announced that this monumentally important season of American soccer will proceed on schedule.

Today is fuckin' GREAT!

Today, me and my co-defendant girl will jump on the train to Newark.  We'll walk down Broad St. and meet the rest of our football family at El Pastor.  We'll drink, laugh, drink, sing and drink.  We'll walk back up Broad St. and converge with the rest of the RBNY supporter massive.  Together we will all take the 15min march over the Passaic River.  Together we will pour into our own special supporters' entrance.  Together we will share our first collective vision of our new home, Red Bull Arena, at full battle readiness. 

The last I saw the inside of the new house, she was still under construction last October.  I walked through that half-formed cathedral, and could barely keep my mind on the task of choosing my spot for a pair of season tickets (DEAD center of 101, of course).  Today will be like one of those cheesy 90's teen movies where the "ugly" girl who was really kinda cute anyway, finally takes off the glasses, lets her hair down, puts on some make up and a tight dress...suddenly she's the prom queen.  That's my team.

The dusty, concrete slab I stood in in October was almost a sensory overload. 
I can't begin to imagine what a completed Arena, with 25,000 people and a FULL South Ward is going to be like.

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