Friday, March 19, 2010

Malik-16 & Brandon Carter - Subway, Bus or Walking

Yup...of 4,080* remakes of this same shit, this is my new favorite.
...and I had written a ridiculously long rant about how Joell Ortiz got no spins on Hot 97 until he did a version of this song about selling crack**...BUT, I remembered that Hip-Hop is buried next to Hoffa and no one gives a fuck anymore, so I deleted it.

* First to correctly identify the reason I used that number will win...something.
Yes!  I will literally mail you a bag of plain M&M's.  For real.  No peanut though.  This blog has no revenue streams.  Recession and whatnot.
** Yup, I'm so anti-Jim Jones that I didn't post a video from Joell Ortiz...the artist currently ranked #3 in all-time appearances on this blog.

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