Thursday, March 11, 2010

::sniff sniff::
You smell that?

That's the intoxicatingly sexy aroma of ideas cookin'.
That the smell of roses.  Next Level roses.

Assuming these jerks don't spoil my whole friggin' year...I'm rampin' up the illegitimate MLS foolishness.
"Big tings a g'wan" next week, and I need YOU* to jump in and make it work.  Stay tuned...

* and your all-reading, all-linking, no commenting selves


Brian said...

If this happens, the players are gonna end up looking like the bad guys. Thank God most of our national team is made up of Euro-based guys, otherwise we would be fucked.

I'll definitely be pissed though. I was looking forward to making the trip down to LA and takin my girl to a couple Galaxy games.

Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

Interesting you see it that way, because I imagine the opposite. For one, Americans ALWAYS side with the underdog (the players), and I think its pretty safe to say that most fans agree that players deserve/have a right to free agency.

Brian said...

Oh no, you misunderstood me. For the most part I side with the players of the MLS. I think they deserve a right to free agency. I really don't see why the owners, the Don and the rest of the suits at MLS HQ think that it will kill the league. The situations of VDB and Hartman are just beyond retarded. What I don't support the players on is guaranteed contracts. The NFL doesn't even have it, and really MLS owners aren't making that kind of money.

What I mean was that the players would be incredibly stupid to strike. I'm on their side, but a strike right now would be a terrible thing