Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hey, Seattle . . .

Can y'all do me a favor?

I don't want Philly fans to celebrate a damn thing.  I want them cry on the shoulders of their chain-smoking, Cheeze Whiz eatin', snaggle-toothed girlfriends tonight.

Seattle . . .there is no fear in this dojo!

Do it for me.  Do it for America! 
Seriously who the hell actually wants Philly to be successful?
Efph that noise.

Do this for me, and I won't make fun of the fact that your crown noise is pumped in over speakers and none of you even knew soccer was played in America before 2008.
DAMMIT!  Sorry!  I can't help it.  The venom just slips sometimes.  My bad.

But for real . . .make it happen.
4-0 Seattle.  Put it WORK, son!
(and you still owe me for that home-opener ass beating you gave my boys last year)

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