Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gauntlet Hair?

I know nothing about this band.
I have no idea what's being said in their songs...at all.
But my ears approve.  Especially "I Was Thinking"
Check 'em out.


Anonymous said...

I concur. this is one of the best fucking bands I've heard in a long time. why aren't they exploding all over the air waves? i wish i could get my hands on an album

Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

That's because they're VERY new. At this point, they're just a couple dudes from CO making music. No label, no album, not even an EP yet. I believe this week was the first time they've even played their music for an audience...it it was a "showcase" with a bunch of other new artists, not even a proper show.

So you gotta start talking about them now, before they get big. Prove that you're cooler than your friends, lol!