Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Path to Red Bull Arena

(For the non-locals that don't get the double entendre, the PATH is the name of the train from either NYC or Newark that stops 3 blocks away from the Arena)

I swear I didn't cry after watching this.
WHO SAYS I DID?!  You wanna get cut?!

Saturday's game against Santos is a long time comin'*, and the postponed soft opener has made this week seem eternal.  But here we are, 2 days away from something alot of deserving fans have waited over a decade for:  Our own house.

The team has been a limp mule of a franchise (under any name).  The fanbase is 2 good sips of beer away from civil war.  Times are generally tough for all of us that care about this game, but on Saturday, all that shit is gone.  15 years of swamp stink will be washed off.  The reset button will be pressed. [Insert various "fresh start" cliches].  It's a new day.

* Yeah...I went Sam Cooke.  It's that important for us around here.

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