Wednesday, December 9, 2009

RBNY, You Owe Me. I Demand Eddie Johnson.

You see that?  That's Eddie "Gucci MAN" Johnson.
According to Ives and the English, my boy Eddie (he's on the list of people I've decided I'm friends with, even if the other party is in no way cognizant of my existence.  It's like the reverse of the Beckham situation) is about to hit that unemployment line.

Last time I checked, there was a would-be cash rich, big market soccer "club" (no Harraby) right here in Jersey that's in desperate need of a brand name dude that can put balls in nets with frequency.  Yeah, yeah, I hear/read all the Henry shit, and that's fine and dandy, but here's the problem:  1)  My eternal soul burns with hatred for Thierry Henry  2) He's going to cost an obscene amount of money.  I'm willing to bet that EJ can be had for sub-DP cash at a FIFTH of Henry's price and approximate at least 80% of the goal production.

Go ahead . . .tell me I'm wrong.

Beyond the on-field goodness, this team needs something/someone worth marketing other than the new house, the words "New York", and poisonous soda.  With the right people behind the push (shit, hire me), Eddie Johnson absolutely has the skills, style, and persona to become a niche superstar in the Tri-State and beyond.  You tell me EJ can't show up on 106 & Park?  We can't get him to do some blog about jams and clothes and whatnot?  He's perfect for this era, this city, this team.  Do it, RBNY.  It's almost irresponsible not to.

(...and bring me Beasley while you're at it.  Tell him I need some shine, too.)

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Brian said...

Something tells me playing for Bruce in LA might appeal to him more....