Thursday, March 4, 2010

Post-Game Thoughts No One Asked For! WHoooo!

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That's right!  I have a Blogger account.
I spew opinion whenever I want.
(Non-soccer fans must HATE the last few days of this blog . . .my bad)*


Am I alone in the feeling that if you've seen one US match since the '02 World Cup, you've seen 'em all?  Watching our beloved Nats is a truly Groundhogian (nice, right?) experience.  Its as if American soccer is scripted.  The back 4 hold formation well, and handles 1v1 juuuuuust well enough to avoid disaster. [Insert left back] has a semi-shocker and makes a critical, game-changing mistake.  The central mids surprise us with their ability to defend against superior opposition.  We get worked and out-classed technically on the wings.  Landon Donovan is always in the right place, but never gets the ball.  We lose possession very quickly whenever the defensive pressure is ramped up.  The strikers are always one and a half notches of quality below when we play mojor competition.  Bocanegra scores of a set piece.  We manage a scoreline that makes us look alot better than the reality of the 90min.  Yadda Yadda Yadda. 

I feel like I could insert that very same paragraph into 90% of every US game.  Snooze.  I want to sit here and type "2-1 loss vs. the Dutch?  I'll take it"...but why should I?  It appeared to me that (with the exception of Elia) the men from The Nether Regions didn't give two shits about this game, didn't fear the US at all, and were in a perfect mindframe to be beaten yesterday.  Buuuuuut...oh well.

*Or is it?  You all found your way here from TOR or TOW anyway, right?  Probably.

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Brian said...

It's better than what I expected, considering we are missing Davies, Onyewu, Dempsey, Feilhaber, Cherundolo, Clark, and Jones. Now we can add one more to that list, Stuart Holden. That was a dirty, dirty, dirty fucking tackle by De Jong.