Monday, December 7, 2009

Shut Up, Mexico . . .

[Appropriate background music]

It seems like our neighbors from the south need a reminder / reality check:
Post-WC draw, it seems that "Mexicans" (a.k.a. USA residents clinging to a nation they weren't born in and in many cases have never even visited) are quick to point out that France isn’t what they used to be, yet fail to see how terribly mediocre their own team has been during this cycle. 6mos ago, the Mexican National Sphincter (located in Nogales) was overloaded by the fear of not even making the World the talk is that you’re gonna walk over France and the host nation (in the opening game, no less)?  Word?!

I hate you.

Regarless of these Mexi-nanigans, I need France out with the quickness.
I have an old French striker to buy.
No one seems to talk about the effect of that handball on RBNY.
Feeling kinda neglected.

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