Friday, December 4, 2009

World Cup Draw (FF&SS Live Freak-Out Edition)

In case you can't be near a TV...don't miss out on all the stress.
I am EXCEEDINGLY nervous about this.  As much as I love the World Cup, I always have a hard time handling the weight of anticipation, fear, and the general highs and lows that come from the temporary xenophobia and hyper-patriotism that come with international soccer.

If we draw something like Brazil, Ivory Coast and Portugal, I will officially lose my shit.
Completely snap.
Bright side:  Getting drunk and making a proper ass of myself in Newark's Ironbound section.
Sooo, I'd have that going for me.

UPDATE:  You know what?!  I'm going live with this bad boy, so feel free to join me (after the jump) as I spazz out over the US's impending disaster of a draw.

12:27:  "Cabbage Man" Cappello is on TV at the moment (I'm watching Sky Sports feed.  See link above).  I'm not sure why, but other than South Africa, I'm really hoping to draw England from Pot 1.  Maybe it's to stick it to the friggin Euro snobs, maybe it's Donovan v Becks, maybe it's for the absolute ZOO that Nevada Smith's would become.  I'm just not afraid of England for some reason.

12:34:  I should have titiled that last entry "Famous Last Words".  When we get slapped 4-0 by Them English, I'll take the blame.  Since I'm in the business of jinxing shit...I think we could give old ass Italy the business as well.  Bring it!!

12:37:  I have this strange desire for New York to sign Ledley King.  Why?  Because I want to sing songs with the name Ledley King in them.  No other reason.

12:42:  Wow...a little pre-draw drama.  Via BBCLive:
Uh-oh, it all kicked off in Cape Town earlier. US bid leaders reacted with fury after Luis Figo's arrival interrupted their video presentation of the their campaign for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. The arrival of Figo, bid ambassador for the rival Spain/Portugal bid, led to a rush of reporters and photographers leaving the USA's video right in the middle of the presentation. "It was totally ruined," said Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber
Its an omen!  We're gonna draw Portugal!

12:47:  I Western Union'd Sepp Blatter a $20 and mentioned something about fists, Vaseline, and Mexico's WC chances . . .I hope he got the message.

12:57:  If Charlize Theron draws us into some rough shit, I will hold her personally responsible and boycott anything she ever does for the rest of time.  You have been warned, Charlize.

1:03:  Noon Eastern, my ass.

1:04:  Sure sign that the preview show has gone on too long: 3 hosts talking about the importance of altitude levels in venue selection.  Good grief.  Start the draw!!

1:05:  Any word if the South Africans are gonna be good hosts and set up organized prostitution like the Germans?

1:08:  DAMMIT!!!  Not only do we not get South Africa, it goes to Mexico.  This WC is already cursed.

1:10:  YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!   USA v. England!!!  First match as well.  Perfect.  Play our toughest competition before they get a chance to get settled.  This was definitely my Plan B.  Sky commentators are not sounding too confident about it.  WHOOO!!!

1:13:  ARG v S. KOR should be fun.  I've been fond of SK since the great fans at the '02 Cup.

1:15:  Wow, we may already have out Group of Death.  Nigeria joins Argentina and S. Korea in Group B.

1:17:  This is shaping up well!  In quick succession, USA avoids Ivory Coast and draws Algeria.  It could have gone ALOT worse.

1:18:  Ghana drawn to Group D (important as USA's Group C will face D in the 2nd round)

1:19:  All things considered, these groups are pretty well mixed so far.  Nothing looks completely murderous.

1:22:  And the US luck keeps going.  We avoid France.  This is fantastic!

1:23:  SLOVENIA!!!  Folks, We can ABSOLUTELY advance out of this group.  By no means are Algeria and Slovenia a cake walk, but considering the possibilites, this is SO much better that anything I could have hoped for.  The US can certainly finish 2nd in this group.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.

1:25:  Portugal v Brazil in the groups!  Outstanding.  I'll be taking a day off from work to go watch that shit.

1:27:  OK, people . . .All the relevant info is out there, so I'm gonna call it a day.

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